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The smart way to create & promote lead magnets

What would it mean for your business if you could create professionally designed opt-ins, without hiring a pro? Expensive looking resources, without the hefty expense? Or beautiful graphics in a fraction of the time?

What if, in a matter of hours you were able to create and promote a branded resource that grew your audience, increased your enquires and sky-rocketed your reach?

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or a designer.

You just need a secret weapon

Ever wondered why some entrepreneurs knock out share-worthy designs in just a few hours while it takes others weeks (or even months)? Or how designers streamline their workflow to create more work in less time? They’ve mastered the art of using repeatable systems and templates. And now you can too.


Say goodbye

To spending hours wrestling with spacing, layouts and tables for designs that end up hitting the trash anyway.

To doubting whether anything you create is even good enough to share because you’re “not a designer.”

To designs that still look like a DIY job, because even though you know it’s not ‘right’ you still can’t figure out why.

Say hello to the
Lead Magnet Toolkit

50+ versatile page layouts
for creating unlimited ebooks, workbooks + more

20+ marketing templates
so you can start promoting instantly online.

100% Customizable
and editable in Adobe and Canva software.

Sized to fit A4 dimensions
so your designs will look great on & offline.

Make it your own

Your brand is one of a kind—and your marketing materials should be too. Our templates are 100% customisable so you can adjust the fonts, words, colours and imagery to make it your own.

Create without limits

Mix, match and duplicate the pages to create as many high value paid or free resources as you like. Play with colours and headlines on your promotional graphics to see which ones convert best.

Look like a pro

Just because it’s a DIY job doesn’t mean it needs to look like one. Build trust and attract your ideal clients with polished, professional designs that will look like you spent 50x your actual investment.

Software perfect for any experience level

Whether you like your software easy like Sunday morning or powerful like Chuck Norris’ beard, we’ve got you covered.

Keep it simple

You can master your marketing even if you’re a technophobe, or have never designed anything before. Everything in the toolkit can be edited using Canva, the free online graphic design software. It's easy to use interface and support library means you’ll can get the hang of it in no time.

For the pros

Already an Adobe pro? You’ll get access to our Photoshop files (promo graphics) and InDesign files (lead magnet templates) complete with one-click global colour and paragraph style changes and pre-mapped form fields which means Acrobat Reader will detect and pick them up automatically.

Peek inside
Browse all 80+
included templates

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Cover & Welcome
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Cover & Welcome Templates
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Editorial Templates
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Contents & Index
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Contents & Index Templates
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Section Titles
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Section Title Templates
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Q&A Forms
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Q&A Form Templates
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Process Templates
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Quote & CTAs
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Quote & CTA Templates
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Checklist Templates
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Progress Tracker Templates
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Planner Templates
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Facebook Templates
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Instagram Templates
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Pinterest Templates
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Website Templates
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EDM Templates

Stand out in your industry with beautifully designed lead magnets.

If you hired a professional designer to create 80+ pre-designed templates for you, you’d pay well into the thousands of dollars (and wait weeks). Right now you can grab your copy of the Lead Magnet Toolkit for just $27 USD and start creating instantly.

US Dollars

"What a bloody good product. I’ve been wanting to write an ebook and this will give me the structure and encouragement to make progress. Thank you!"

"I bought this recently and love it. The results have been amazing x"

"This is great! Just what I needed and perfect timing too."

"This has saved me so much time and actually got me excited to create my freebie! Thanks for helping small businesses like mine with our marketing. Products like this are a lifesaver!"

What our customers are saying about the Lead Magnet Toolkit.

Join the growing community of business owners, designers and marketing pros using the toolkit to save time and elevate their designs.

Get your hands on these.

Bonus #1

Video Training Library

To help you get started, we’re giving you private access to our video training library. This includes video walkthroughs of the included templates as well as basic tips for editing your designs in both InDesign and Canva.

Bonus #2

The Attraction Blueprint

Perfect for those getting started with email marketing, this printable graphic shows you how to use your lead magnet to move your potential customer from stranger to hot lead. Use this visual graphic to solidify your understanding of how an attraction funnel works.

Bonus #3

The 7 Point Promo Plan

How do you cut through the noise to get your new resource into the hands of your ideal customers? In this practical guide you’ll learn seven effective promotional strategies for reaching your ideal customers. Implement just some, or all seven to build a customised multi-channel marketing plan.

Our promise
Free lifetime updates

Once you’ve purchased the Lead Magnet Toolkit, you get FREE updates for the lifetime of the product, even if the price increases. That means any time we make an update to the kit and its templates you’ll get the updates sent to you for no extra cost.

This is our way of saying thank you for supporting our shop. It also means that you get to enjoy the benefits of any suggestions or ideas you share with us to make the Lead Magnet Toolkit even better!

You can do it alone. But you don’t have to.

Hey, we’re Kane and Lisa, the creators of the Lead Magnet Toolkit, the team behind Self-Made and owners of Baker Creative, a branding & web design studio.

We know that having a professional designer create all of your brand and marketing collateral can quickly add up. And the alternative— spending days or months finessing a design that never looks ‘right’ is a huge waste of your limited time.

We created the Lead Magnet Toolkit to support entrepreneurs, educators, consultants, VAs, marketing managers, business owners and other designers to create beautiful resources, in a fraction of the time. We’ve taken all the layout and setup bits off your plate, so you can focus on customising it and sharing it with the world.

How it Works

How it works

After checkout, you’ll receive a download link in your inbox that includes all your files, instructions & bonus videos.

How it works

Easily edit everything using Canva, InDesign and Photoshop. Add your text, move, duplicate or remove pages, change the fonts and colours.

How it works

Save and export your file for print or digital to share. Use the files again to create more marketing resources whenever you need them!

What’s inside?

Template Pack

80+ professionally designed lead magnet page layouts & promotional templates.

Bonus #1

Private access to our video training library, including walkthroughs & tutorials.

Bonus #2

The Attraction Blueprint shows how to turn strangers into customers using freebies.

Bonus #3

Get seven easy to implement promotional strategies for promoting your new resource.


What can I use this template to create?

You can use this to create printable or digital resources for yourself or your clients. It’s perfect for course workbooks or programs, paid eBooks, workshop or event materials, lead magnets, opt-in freebies, swipe files, checklists, worksheets and planners.

How will I receive the files?

Once you checkout you will be sent an email with a link to download your files. Once downloaded, you can open the folder which will include InDesign files, Photoshop files, two PDF bonuses, and PDF handbooks for Adobe and Canva with links to our video library. The Canva handbook includes links and instructions for accessing the Canva templates.

When can I start using the template?

As soon as you like! Once you’ve completed your checkout you will be sent an email with instructions showing you how to download your new template & bonus videos.

What software will I need to edit my files?

You can use a free or pro Canva account to edit both the lead magnet and promotional graphics. Alternatively, you can use Adobe InDesign to edit your lead magnet and Adobe Photoshop to edit the promotional graphics.

Can I change the colours and fonts to match my brand?

Absolutely! The examples on this page are just a small taste of what you could create. When you make your purchase you’ll receive access to the template files that will allow you to add and edit all of the colours, fonts, photos and copy as you choose.

How many marketing resources can I create?

As many as you like! All our design templates include a license, which allows you to use and modify the files to create PDFs for yourself or your clients. The only limitation is that you cannot redistribute the files as customisable templates (for free or as a paid resource). Please read our license agreement prior to purchasing for more on what you can and can’t do.

Can I sell the ebooks and workbooks I create?

Yes you can! You can create a passive income product or sell the final product to a client for any fee you like. The only limitation is that you cannot redistribute the files as customisable templates (for free or as a paid resource). Please read our license agreement prior to purchasing for more on what you can and can’t do.

Do I receive the photos in the examples with my purchase?

No, unfortunately any photographs used are licensed to us for promotional use only, and cannot be resold. We will happily share links to where you can purchase your own photo licenses if you get in touch at

Do I receive the fonts in the examples with my purchase?

All fonts used in our designs are free for personal and commercial use. We have included links to where they can be downloaded in our design template instructions.

What currency is your pricing in?

All prices are in USD. Prices for Australian customers are inclusive of GST.

How long do I have access to the template?

Forever! Once you’ve downloaded your files to your Canva account or saved the InDesign and Photoshop files to your computer, they’re yours for life.

Can I print the final files?

Yep! We know that everyone works differently, so these files have been designed to be multi-purpose. Each design fits perfectly to an A4 page for printing, or can be converted to a fillable PDF for digital use.

Do you offer refunds?

Generally no—as our products are digitally distributed, unfortunately we don’t offer refunds after you make your purchase. Please make sure you review the product descriptions and software requirements before you make your purchase.

If you are having trouble with your software, we recommend reaching out to Adobe or Canva directly. If you believe there is something missing from your product, or it is not as described, please let us know as soon as possible at


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50+ page ebooks & workbooks layouts
25+ promotional design templates
Bonus: Video training library access
Bonus: The Attraction Blueprint
Bonus: The 7 Point Promo Plan
FREE lifetime updates
The Attraction Bundle

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